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Are you a Local Business Owner in the Tampa Bay area?

Smartphones have become an integral part of peopleís daily lives.  Now more than ever, consumers regularly use their phones to seek and act on local information.
Ever tried to visit your own website from a smartphone?

With more people searching on the web from their mobile devices than desktop computers, itís never been more important to ensure your website represents your business professionally when it matters most.

Many websites are built using Flash, others are hard to navigate on a small screen, and some take a while to load. In serious cases, websites may not load at all.

If youíre not mobile, youíre missing out!

    1. Google says that if your mobile website is hard to read, 67% of your audience
            leaves, and 40% goes to a competitor that has a good mobile web presence.
       2.  One half of all local searches are performed on smartphones, and nearly 50% of
            mobile users now own a Iphone, BlackBerry or Android.
       3.  In 2013 more smartphones are connect to the internet than
1. Over 3 Million Smartphones in the Tampa Bay Area.
2. 91% of Tampa Bay Small Businesses donít have a Mobile Friendly Website!
3. Over 60% of Google Searches are from Mobile Devices.
4. 95% of Smartphone users have looked for local information.
5. 93% of Smartphone owners use their devices while at home.
Your customers are mobile.  Are you?
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Experts On Yourside & Company, a company that helps businesses of all sizes generate more quality leads (customers) through online advertising, we have extensive experience with Internet Marketing Mobile Strategies, and SEO. We have been responsible for increasing monthly revenue by thousands of dollars, for many businesses.

We have adapted our strategies to meet the ever changing Internet landscape. With the recent Google updates, the increase in Mobile traffic, and the growing importance of social media, we are always working hard to stay ahead of the curve.

1. Ranking a local client, Jasmine Thai Carrollwood, in the top #4 of the Google search results in less than 1 weeks or Tampa Commercial Landscape Design Services in the #1 spot in Google search result and Discovery Travel Brandon Florida in the #1 and the #5 spot on the first page of using completely manual, white-hat strategies. We know SEO, and we know how to get you ranked fast using the techniques that Google is looking for.

2. We know Mobile. And 2015 is the year of Mobile. 2014, Mobile has overtaking desktop search in total volume. We generate consistent high quality leads for Brandon Auto Salvage, using the latest in Mobile strategies including Facebook Mobile campaigns, and Google Mobile.

3. We also specialize in Mobile Click Programs that will drive more leads (Customers) to you place of Business.
Test your website with Googles Mobile Freindly New Tool. This new tool will give you a pass or fail grade.
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Don't be fooled by these fancy websites with all their moving parts! Your customers want to see a simple easy to read website with JUST the Facts!

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What is your experience?
What is your Reputation?
Where are you Located?
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