Smartphone Contest Scratch off Coupons

A mobile coupon is an electronic ticket that is delivered by a mobile device that can be exchanged for a rebate when purchasing a product or service.  To receive and act on a promotional offer displayed on a consumerís ever-present mobile screen is a natural extension of a mobile lifestyle.  In addition to this, mobile coupons are a lot easier for consumers to use, especially since they do not need to cut them out and store them in their wallet.  Microsoft has calculated redemption times for mobile offers compared to those received on a tablet and a home PC.  Mobile redemption time is one hour, compared to three days on a tablet and 30 days on a computer.

The benefits to mobile coupon usage also go beyond only numbers. Where it has become increasingly difficult to link offline and online customer behavior, coupons are useful in acquiring consumer data. Coupons that can only be claimed in store can also lead to increased foot traffic and increased sales.

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