Why Video
Websites are not what they used to be: place-holders for static images and paragraphs of text. The web  continues to evolve, and video-fast, high-quality video-- has arrived. Quite simply: video is the  future, and the future is now. Using video to convey your message is a key component for businesses to  be competitiveÖand stay head-and-shoulders above the competition.
Video allows your clients to hear your true voice.
Are you passionate about your business? Then letís tell the world using the best medium available  today to do so: video. A Video Profile created by you (with the help of all of us at Maximize Video,  of course!) is the best way to show people the real you. Video can do so much more than words or  pictures alone to show the world how passionate you are!
Video creates 80% better "brand" recognition.
Studies prove that streaming video increases brand recognition by 80%! Almost half of potential  customers are more likely to purchase products from a website which utilizes video!

Video allows you to stand out among your competition.
You can be sure to stand out among the competition and allow you and your business to be easily  recognized by creating a "Video Profile." Let them see the real you!

Video is the future and the future is now.
Video is a way of making your business come alive. Whether itís a video for your website, your  clients, your employees, or all three, video conveys you canít with just an email, phone call or even  a picture. Combine important images, sounds, and styles to present you and your company.

Choose the right video production company.
As important as video is to your business, so is choosing the right video provider. Once you've  narrowed it down, be sure to call each finalist and see if there's a connection. It's always a good  idea to ask for references and be sure to take a look at their portfolio. We hope you'll give us a  call!

Why Video is One of the Most Powerful Tools for B2B Companies
As consumers, we watch videos for entertainment and information. With projections that streaming video  will encompass 71 percent of internet traffic in the next four years, itís clear that the demand for  video consumption for work and play is not going away anytime soon. Consumer-facing companies in  markets including healthcare, retail, financial services, entertainment, technology and more have been  using video for years as a way to highlight their products and services and engender brand loyalty.

But what about B2B companies whose direct customers are not consumers? For B2B companies, Iíd argue  that video is even more advantageous.

B2B companies often operate a bit more behind-the-scenes than consumer-facing companies. Videos are  an effective Ďshow and tellí medium for B2B organizations to communicate about what they do and why  itís important.  Additionally, they enable companies to demonstrate how business customers and end- users already rely on their services. Also, as companies expand solutions and extend into new markets,  video can be a powerful tool to introduce these organizations to a whole new crop of customers.  Although videos may not replace written marketing materials, they should complement them.

10 Reasons Why Video Works for Small Business

1.Time - You save it. Video is an excellent way to express a complex message in a short amount of time.  Not to mention that when collaborating with a professional production company, a video can be created  very quickly, saving you time and money. Video can also be distributed to thousands with one mouse  click.

2.Impact - Video simultaneously communicates to two senses: sight and hearing. And, by adding text to  video, a third layer of communication can be achieved.

3.Reach - A video can be distributed globally with the touch of a button. By adding subtitles or a  voiceover, one video can reach many thousands of employees, in multiple languages, across multiple  platforms such as, a video conference, at a workstation, or in a presentation.

4.Emotion - When was the last time you got excited reading a fiscal report? When properly produced,  video has the capability of inspiring emotion. It can be used as a motivational tool and act as a  catalyst for creating a positive work environment.

5.Cost - There are a number of ways video can be a cost saving solution. Lower your carbon footprint  and cut paper costs by use issuing a video report. Rather than spending money on postage, send emails  or text messages containing an embedded video or video links. Video footage can also be recycled. Use  the same footage multiple times in different videos and receive great ROI.

6.Analytics - How many people watched the video? How many people shared the video? How did they share  it? Who did they share it with? Did the video reach its target market? Has the video sparked  discussion? Using tools such as Google Analytics videos can be tracked and accurate data collected.  The same cannot be said for many traditional forms of media.

7.Accessibility - Almost everyone with a computer, smart phone, or tablet can, and does access video.  Not only are there search engines dedicated to video (YouTube being the prime example), but smart  companies are developing unique video content for different viewing platforms. A video developed with  a smart phone in mind as its preferred viewing platform, is going to look and feel different than a  video meant to be viewed via projector in a corporate presentation.

8.Staying Current - It has become increasingly important to businesses large and small to stay abreast  of the communication innovation, which includes social media. Tweet or die trying. Video is a product  than can be disseminated across all the latest communication channels and demonstrates to employees  and the public that your company is not going to be left behind.

9.Transparency - Whether you are sharing department updates within your company, or demonstrating to  customers how your company works, video can act as a window into your operations and answer questions.  Simply put, video is a genuine way to build the trust of your employees and the public.

10.Tangible Value - Video is an easy way to show stakeholders, or investors how their dollars are  being put to good use.
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